segunda-feira, 29 de março de 2010

Roberto Carlos in the world cup?

Dunga has stated that it intends to call Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo to
World Cup 2010, but left-back does not want to give up
dream of going to the World Cup. In good spell at Corinthians and indecision
coach in choosing who will lead for the position, the player assumes
that could still change the decision of the commander.
The hope of Roberto Carlos has increased in recent games in Timon
Paulista Championship and the Copa Libertadores. After performances
irregular and expulsions against Palmeiras and Santos, the athlete was able to
sign, and on Sunday, scored a goal, with good performance in the classic
against Sao Paulo in Pacaembu.A little over two months for the Cup
World, Dunga has not yet demonstrated that they already know who will occupy
the left side of the box. André Santos, head at times,
has not been called. Already Gilberto, the Cruise, and Michel Bastos, the
Olympique Lyon, act more like midfielders for their clubs, while
Marcelo, Real Madrid not so pleasing to coach

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  1. Who do you want, or think deserves, to go to the World Cup?

    Also, be careful with your grammar. There are quite a few small mistakes here, and sometimes I'm not exactly sure what you mean.

    On a more positive note, good job being ahead of schedule with your posts!