sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009

Stadium, a Dream!

Corinthians is one of the biggest teams of the world and there is no dought upon that. There are other big teams at Sao Paulo, as Sao Paulo who carries the name of the state and city of Brazil, Santos who is from the coast of Sao Paulo State and Palmeiras the biggest rival of Corinthians. One thing that these theree teams has in common that Corinthians dosent have, is a stadium where they could settle their games. Corinthians had many plans for building a stadium but none of them still got out of the paper and started to being constructed. The stadium is in the list of chores that President Andres Sanchez have to do before leaving the club. A stadium could not only help finacially but also could help the team to win more. This logic is followed by the fact the teams at their home stadium win more than they do outside of their hometown. Corinthians then with a construction of a stadium could be a better team in some of a kind and also help the banks of the team who are loaded of depts. Although it seems easy to construct a stadium it takes time and also lots of money, a rescource that is definatly not abudant in the club.

The Come Back

Corinthians has passed thorugh hard time in 2008 passing thorugh the second division of the Brasileiro Championship. Corinthians has passed through also many critical finicial problems that the last president had left for the new president Andres Sanchez. Corinthians had only in the last years the help from its crowd that had never left the team behind. Sanchez did a superb job at the command of the Paulista team, he cleared over 100 million reais in depts, and took the team out from the second division and forming a qualitative team won three from three championships in the last year. Sanchez determained goals for his stay at the head president of the team. His main goals were for the first year to take the team out of the second division and to start to clear some depts. For the second year he promised the chance to participate at the Libertadores, Corinthians biggest dream, and also he had promised more depts being paied. Untill know he had followed everything he have promised, hope he will make it to the end.

Riquelme would be a good thing?

Juan Roman Riquelme or mostly known as only Riquelme have been known as a possible new player to sign with the Corinthians team, and would definatly help the team in the lead at the following championship and also at the next year Libertadores.Riquelme only thing stading between the sigining at Corinthians is the high values salaries he requests for the team to pay him. Riquelme resquests about 500 thousand reais per month which is considered absolutly out of reality in the Brazilian soccer. Riquelme is unquestionably one of the best midfielders of the whole world, but in the 2009 season what have the made the difference in the Corinthians team to the others was the chemistry that had between the players. Riquelme is known to disturb this chemistry and in many cases to cause fights between players, which in Corinthians could be a horrible and could bring down the dream of the championship in 2010. So would Riquelme be a good sining for the year of 2010 ?