domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Paulinho Comes to Timao

Corinthians announced Friday the hiring of Paulinho wheel, highlight the Bragantino in the last State Championship. The player, just 21 years, has made medical examinations, underwent a physical assessment at Parque Sao Jorge and signed a contract until June 30, 2013. The official presentation will be on Monday.

The marker aroused interest since the second round of the State in 2010, when he scored the goal of his team's defeat by 2 to 1 for Timon in Pacaembu. After that, he noted other seven.

Corinthians will only pay the salaries of the midfielder, recorded in CBF as player of Coimbra-MG. His rights were purchased by the bank BMG, the same involved in coming from right-back defender Leandro and Moacir Castán. In the event of a future negotiation, the Timon will take a percentage of profit.

Paulinho is now another alternative for coach Mano Menezes complete the group who will play the knockout stage of the Copa Libertadores. Under the new regulation, Timon is entitled to make three changes to the list of athletes linked, starting from the eighth-finals.

The player was unveiled in the basic categories of Sugarloaf-SP and also played for Juventus-SP. Then had spells with fast Vilnius, Lithuania, and the Lodz, Poland.

LIberta with timao

Quite depleted, the Corinthians had a collective training focused on the kicks, this Saturday morning at St. George's Park. Philip Chicao, Jucilei and Ronaldo did not attend the activity, but the coaching staff hopes to have them all in match Thursday against Independiente Medellin-COL, at 21h50m (de Brasília), the final round of the FA Cup first round Libertadores.

Throughout training, the coach Mano Menezes has emphasized the offensive system. The defenders could not exceed a certain mark on the lawn. Only the attackers were allowed to reach the area and terminate, without an individual marking.

The team owner served with the following formation: Julio Cesar, Moacir, Paul Andrew, William and Roberto Carlos; Ralf, Edu, and Elias Danilo; Tooth and Iarley. Already graduated with a reservation: Rafael Santos, Balbuena, Renato, Leandro Castán and Escudero, Bruno Octavio, Boquita, Alessandro and Dodo, and Jorge Henrique Souza.

Some owners did not leave the academy. Ronaldo just did exercises on bikes, while Jucilei with painful left ankle, and Chicao, dealing with a problem on the right foot, were in the medical department. The goalkeeper Felipe in the final stages of recovery from a right thigh injury, also had no training. Midfielder Paulinho, newly hired Bragantino, made only a physical training around the lawn during the collective

Already qualified for the eighth finals, Corinthians faces the Colombians in need of a simple victory to secure also the overall leadership of the keys. So, have the right to decide at home in all phases of knockout, including a decision.

Dodo. . . Needed a chance

Dodo is one of the players of the Corinthians who suffer from the lack of
opportunities within the team. His last game was a tie for 1 to 1 with
Botafogo, the Paulistão, on March 4. On Saturday, the lateral
full 44 days without a game official.

This year, he served in a tie for 0 to 0 with the White River, also by
Paulistão. And only. At just 18 years, surprised everyone by being included
in the entry list for the Copa Libertadores, leaving out the
gringos Balbuena and Escudero.

Your problem is that the owner, Roberto Carlos, has great
physical conditioning and has said he does not like to be spared. The
experienced side no longer leaves the team for 11 games. Meanwhile, Dodo
waiting for a chance