quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2010

Corinthians Palmeiras

Roberto Carlos will stay 2 games out of the field, due to a judgment that happened on Monday. Roberto was punished due to a strong tackle made on a striker from the rival Palmeiras, Joazinho, the game was already 1 to 0 for Corinthians, a goal scored by Jorge Henrique, and Roberto made a horrible sliding tackle on Joazinho and received a red card immediately without any previous warning. The coach Mano, said that it was not so rough for a red card, but this was due to Roberto playing for many years outside of the country, and being more liberal the way to play over the countries. Roberto just needs to get used and Corinthians need to know how to play with his substitute Escudeiro who is not a really good player.

R.C. 6

Roberto Carlos joined the club in this starting season, and is starting to have the fans support him. Roberto Carlos, with no doubt is a fantastic left wing and his past is amazing. Roberto Carlos had passed through Real Madrid, Fenerbache, and through Palmeiras, the biggest rival of Corinthians. Before signing the contract with Corinthians, Roberto declared his love to Santos, another rival of Corinthians, and due to this declaration, when Carlos signed with Timao everyone from the fans didn’t approve his signing and wanted the former wing Andre Santos back to the club. After the first games of the year, Roberto Carlos proved his capacity and filled up the space that was left by Andre Santos, and now the fans are in love with the new left wing.

Rubinho in Corinthians

Rubinho Barichello a famous Corinthians fan visited the Parque Sao Jorge, Rubinho is known to spread Corinthians image all over the world. Rubinho races in the Formula 1 and constantly appears with a Corinthians shirt in the practices before the race. As Formula 1 has a good vision outside the Country, and Rubinho is a famous racer, in which people admire him, for Corinthians is a great thing, because the image of Corinthians becomes known worldwide. Rubinho came to the stadium while the players were practicing and talked to the two most famous players of Corinthians, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos. He also took pictures with both, and won a new t-shirt from Corinthians with the number nine in the back, the number of the fenomeno Ronaldo

Corinthians x Racing

Corinthians will start at the 24th of February one of the most important championship for the club. Corinthians will face Racing from Uruguay, in the first game of the season for the Libertadores of the America, one of the most important championships in the national scenario, that Corinthians still don’t have it. Corinthians this year have made a team that has the real possibility of winning this competitive championship. The game of Wednesday will be against a not so strong team, Racing is going for the first time at the Libertadores and have classified for the Libertadores at the last minute. But to start the championship with a win is always good and even more with a good win, so every Corinthians fan will be on the expectative of the beginning of the Cup.

segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2010

Good Begining

The begining of the year for Corinthinas was good. The team could finally form a team that is competitive in any competition, and also proove that in the first games. In the first four games Corinthians mantained the streak of not loosing in the Campeonato Paulista. The first game Corinthians tied with Monte Azul, in 1 x 1, the new comer Iarley scored for Corinthians. In the second game against Bragantino Corinthians won for 2 x 1, with gols from Jorge Henrique and Elias, in the third game of the Campeonato Corinthinas won agaisnt Oeste in itapolis 2 x 1 goals from Boquita and Paulo Andre. At the fourth game of the Campeonato Corinthians tied at home with Mirasol 1 x 1 and this time Ronaldo scored the first gol, by the way a beautiful gol in which he showed calmness to dribble the goalie and then score.