segunda-feira, 29 de março de 2010

Roberto Carlos in the world cup?

Dunga has stated that it intends to call Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo to
World Cup 2010, but left-back does not want to give up
dream of going to the World Cup. In good spell at Corinthians and indecision
coach in choosing who will lead for the position, the player assumes
that could still change the decision of the commander.
The hope of Roberto Carlos has increased in recent games in Timon
Paulista Championship and the Copa Libertadores. After performances
irregular and expulsions against Palmeiras and Santos, the athlete was able to
sign, and on Sunday, scored a goal, with good performance in the classic
against Sao Paulo in Pacaembu.A little over two months for the Cup
World, Dunga has not yet demonstrated that they already know who will occupy
the left side of the box. André Santos, head at times,
has not been called. Already Gilberto, the Cruise, and Michel Bastos, the
Olympique Lyon, act more like midfielders for their clubs, while
Marcelo, Real Madrid not so pleasing to coach

domingo, 28 de março de 2010

Mano Approves the win

Coach Mano Menezes has approved the performance of the Corinthians suffered
win by 4 to 3 (watch the goals on the side) in the derby against St.
Paulo on Sunday in Pacaembu, the Paulista Championship. For
coach after two consecutive defeats, the last Timon
have played closer to what he expected.

- I believe we made a great game. I would say that the two teams
did, what you value more our victory. I found the first
minutes we had an absolute control. Within what we plan to
tactic realization made me happy - said the commander.

Mano believes that some players have also increased production, which was
crucial to improve the team and break the negative series. The
put the result Alvinegro with 29 points, again in the hunt for
classification to the semifinals and only one point below the Tricolor.

Corinthinas wins against the bambis

Corinthians WON!!!!!!!!.
Corinthians, even better if the match is against Sao Paulo, its largest
rival in recent years.
In a great duel on Sunday at Pacaembu, the
Timon exceeded the time unstable after two defeats, made 4 to 3 on
the Tricolor Paulista league and had all the pressure to the other
The Alvinegro won by 3 to 1, with error Rogerio Ceni, but in two
failures goalkeeper Rafael Santos allowed the rival equalizer in the second
time, with Rodrigo Souto.
At 46, however, Alex Silva did against trying to
Iarley cut kick, leaving loyal to the party.

The result lump together the State for the last two rounds of the first
The Sao Paulo, now with two consecutive negative results, fell
for fourth with 30 points.
The team is closely followed by the
Corinthians, fifth with 29.
The Wise, who won the Portuguese
took third place with 31 points - the Lusa continues with 28.

segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010

Corinthians x Prudente

Corinthians tried but none of this prevented the defeat Gremio Prudente by 2 to 0 on Sunday, the stadium José Eduardo Farah, in Presidente Prudente, the 15th round. Even so, Timon has benefited from the defeat of Botafogo-SP to the Paulista and continued in the G-4 State Championship. With the same 26 points as the round began, the Timon remained in fourth place, but now followed closely by Portugal, Botafogo-SP and Grêmio Wise, all with 25. The team of Presidente Prudente, which was successfully,achieved with this victory to keep alive the hope of being in the semifinals of the tournament. Corinthians returns to the field by Paulistão on Wednesday, at 21h50, against the Paulista, the Arena Barueri. This is the last game of three, that Timon does in their home stadium. Before, tied with Rio Branco and won the St Andrew. Already Gremio Prudente has duel on Thursday, at 19.30, against Mogi Mirim, at home. This game cant escape from us LETS GO TIMAO!

Corinthians Again in the Pacaembu

After pushing the Sao Paulo City Hall, sending two matches of Campeonato Paulista Arena Barueri, Corinthians return to send their games in Pacaembu After the match before the Paulista, already scheduled for the Arena Barueri Corinthians will play no more games in the stadium of Barueri, since Sao Paulo City Hall set new values for the rate of rent Pacaembu. This week, Secretary of Sports, Leisure and Recreation Walter Feldman should formalize the decree said the new "rules" of lease of the stadium. Currently, the fee on the gross income tax collection is 12% in matches during the day and 15% at night. In these configurations, the Corinthians came to pay R $ 172,141 in rent on a single match
against Bragantino, on January 20
Pacaembu será novamente a casa do Corinthians

quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010

Corinthians Tie

Corinthians played the last wensday agaisnt Indepiedente Medelin, at Colombia and the game didnt had the score that the corinthians fans expected. The game finshed with a result of 1 x 1, but the sensation was that the team which Corinthians was playing was not so good, and the result could definatly be better. Corintihans scored in the last minutes with Dentinho, who came out of the bench and scored a beatuiful goal. Ronaldo the player which everyone deposite all of the faith, didnt correspond and the fans are starting to complain with his performecens. Corinthins now faces Santo Andre and the if the team looses the chances of the midia start to perform an pressure for the Corintihans players are huge. So common Corinthinas lets react!

quarta-feira, 10 de março de 2010

Corinthians x Medelin

Despite the victory by 1 to 0 on the Sao Caetano, last Saturday at Paulistão, Corinthians not live a phase of peace. The Alvinegro still could not get going in 2010 and concerned the fans for the bad football, especially in the South American competition. In the premiere, a sweat victory by 2 to 1, turning on the Racing-URU put the club in tip of the classification. This time, the barriers increase even more. In addition to irregular actions, the Corinthians will face the altitude of 2,640 meters from the Colombian capital. The delegation arrived in the city only on the eve of the game to prevent some athletes feel the effects. Even so, oxygen tubes will be taken to the stadium, not counting care with the spices used in food.