quarta-feira, 10 de março de 2010

Corinthians x Medelin

Despite the victory by 1 to 0 on the Sao Caetano, last Saturday at Paulistão, Corinthians not live a phase of peace. The Alvinegro still could not get going in 2010 and concerned the fans for the bad football, especially in the South American competition. In the premiere, a sweat victory by 2 to 1, turning on the Racing-URU put the club in tip of the classification. This time, the barriers increase even more. In addition to irregular actions, the Corinthians will face the altitude of 2,640 meters from the Colombian capital. The delegation arrived in the city only on the eve of the game to prevent some athletes feel the effects. Even so, oxygen tubes will be taken to the stadium, not counting care with the spices used in food.

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  1. What's the connection between altitude and spices in food? I've never heard of this.