terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

Welcome Edno

Edno is the new player to join the Corinthinas squad. Edno was a former Portuguesa club and had many teams interested in him, such as Palmeiras, Sao Paulo, Santos and many other important Brazilian and Foriegns clubs. Edno choose Corinthinas due to its fame around the world, and also due to the chance to play for the first time a Libertadores in the next year with the Paulista club. The new midfield striker joined after an not happy episode that happened in his last club, when board entered in the locker room with weapons and thereathen Edno for not playing with 100% will. Edno choose Corinthians and could be an extreme help for the club in the next season, so welcome Edno and score many goals.

Happy Birthday Fenomeno

Ronaldo Nazario de Lima or most known as simply Ronaldo, is definatly an icon for the Brazilian and worldwide soccer. Ronaldo after passing thorought important clubs as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Milan, joined Corinhians in the begining of these year, and after his joining to the Parque Sao Jorge club he already won 2 titles and is the actual top scorer of the team with 15 goals untill now. Ronaldo today is celebrating his birthday, and is completing 33 years of many titles over the world, these huge expirence can help Corinthians in the 2010 dream of winning the Libertadores, and still try to persecute the dream of winning the national championship this year so happy birthday and stay with us Ronaldo.

domingo, 20 de setembro de 2009

2010 Dream Come True

Coirnthians had many years without winning the most important title considered in whole South America, the famous Libertadores of the America. Corinthians never had a team caple of winning due to series of facts, such as bad administration succeded by Alberto Dualib whole left a debt of about 100 million reais. Another fact which could led to the not winning the championship was a team that was not ready to face the Argetians who did not let the Parque Sao Jorge team win at least three time, two with River Plate and one with Boca Juniors home of the former striker of Corinthians Carlos Tevez. But in 2010 the story could be another, Corinthains is forming a team capble of winning any champioship, a team with experience and well rounded players which could help the TIMAO win their first of many Libertadores

Loosing the Hope

After having straight wins against the competitors in the Brazil Championship, the bad results have bring Corinthians way down in the table. Corinthians had at the start of the round 36 points and occupied the 5 round in the table, after the result Corinthians remained with the same number of points but still the teams that were under in the table got their position and after the round Corinthians occupied the 10th position in the table and losed all the chances of winning the championship, but still Corinhtians fans remained with the same fame of never letting the hope go away did cheer for the team untill the last minute but the results were not good but they still are by the time side, and in this way it will be, forever!

quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

Winning 2009

Corinthians after suffering alot in the years of 2007 and 2008 caused by bad administrations and a series of wrong exectutions jurdicial and in the fields that even caused the team to go to the second division of the Brazilian National Championship a place which was unknown for the fans of the team before that. But the team gave a huge come back and already won 3 championships in two years, and they want more. These year the Corinthians didnt have in their plans the winning of the National Championship, but after a good victroy streak, the team had to change their plans and the Nati0nal Championship is now a priority in the club. Corinthians have the mentality of winning and right know have the 6 th position, with more 16 games, Corinthinas have only 1% of chances to win the championship but still there are chances and imporant games with direct competiton teams could make the difference, as for example the game agaisnt Sao Paulo, and Palmeiras which will be played in the next few weeks, and the results with the news will be posted here. So lets win Corinthians we are chering for you