sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009

Riquelme would be a good thing?

Juan Roman Riquelme or mostly known as only Riquelme have been known as a possible new player to sign with the Corinthians team, and would definatly help the team in the lead at the following championship and also at the next year Libertadores.Riquelme only thing stading between the sigining at Corinthians is the high values salaries he requests for the team to pay him. Riquelme resquests about 500 thousand reais per month which is considered absolutly out of reality in the Brazilian soccer. Riquelme is unquestionably one of the best midfielders of the whole world, but in the 2009 season what have the made the difference in the Corinthians team to the others was the chemistry that had between the players. Riquelme is known to disturb this chemistry and in many cases to cause fights between players, which in Corinthians could be a horrible and could bring down the dream of the championship in 2010. So would Riquelme be a good sining for the year of 2010 ?

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  1. he certainly would. corinthians playing style is not fast, nor is riquelme's. and he's got a lot of libertadores experience...