sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009

The Come Back

Corinthians has passed thorugh hard time in 2008 passing thorugh the second division of the Brasileiro Championship. Corinthians has passed through also many critical finicial problems that the last president had left for the new president Andres Sanchez. Corinthians had only in the last years the help from its crowd that had never left the team behind. Sanchez did a superb job at the command of the Paulista team, he cleared over 100 million reais in depts, and took the team out from the second division and forming a qualitative team won three from three championships in the last year. Sanchez determained goals for his stay at the head president of the team. His main goals were for the first year to take the team out of the second division and to start to clear some depts. For the second year he promised the chance to participate at the Libertadores, Corinthians biggest dream, and also he had promised more depts being paied. Untill know he had followed everything he have promised, hope he will make it to the end.

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