quarta-feira, 12 de maio de 2010

Corinthians Neighboor

The two largest fan clubs in Brazil in 2010 began to think practically together in neighboring cities. The Corinthians did pre-season in Itu, in São Paulo, and right there beside, in Porto Feliz (25 km), the Flemish did yours. The focus, incidentally, was the same: the Copa Libertadores. Except that fate decreed that the two teams faced soon octaves in the final. And so, for Timon or Fla., planning the year goes down after the duel on Wednesday at Pacaembu at 21h50.

Australians and Flamengo are struggling to live below the South American competition and avoid a premature failure.
The team from Rio de Janeiro, however, is an advantage. All on account of the victory by 1-0 in the Maracana on Wednesday afternoon. So if you want to go on Wednesdays to face Alianza Lima or Universidad de Chile, Alvinegro has to win by 1-0 to decide on penalties or by two or more goals difference. No wonder the coaching staff has trained in recent days a blitz against his opponent.
But it depends on the retrospect of Flamengo in 2010, the vacancy for the quarter-finals must be earned. After all, 25 games of the year, the team only had one result that would give the rating to the Corinthians. It is the defeat by 2-0 to Universidad Catolica in the last 14 days in Santiago. It was the only time the Fla lost by the difference of two goals and no longer balance the networks. The other three losses this season were by a score that provides the red-blacks in quartasl: 2-1 to Botafogo in the Guanabara Cup semifinal, for the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, the Libertadores, and for Botafogo in Rio Cup final.

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