quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2009

The Decider

Corinthians does not any more have any chances of winning the championship in 2009 but could decide the winner of the championship. This is due to the next games which Corinthians are having, the opponents in order of date are, Nautico currently in the 17th position, Flamengo strong candidate for the title, and Atletico Mineiro another strong competitor who is direct candidate for the Brazilian Trophy. Corinthians is going to have a fundamental role in the last rounds, by his games influencing who is going to win the championship, and who is going to have play the second division next year. Certainly there were rumors that Corinthians would lose their games on purpose, so that there rival Sao Paulo would not win the championship, but something that is not clear is that Corinthians never enter the field to lose even if their rivals are going to get benefited by their lost.

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