domingo, 20 de setembro de 2009

2010 Dream Come True

Coirnthians had many years without winning the most important title considered in whole South America, the famous Libertadores of the America. Corinthians never had a team caple of winning due to series of facts, such as bad administration succeded by Alberto Dualib whole left a debt of about 100 million reais. Another fact which could led to the not winning the championship was a team that was not ready to face the Argetians who did not let the Parque Sao Jorge team win at least three time, two with River Plate and one with Boca Juniors home of the former striker of Corinthians Carlos Tevez. But in 2010 the story could be another, Corinthains is forming a team capble of winning any champioship, a team with experience and well rounded players which could help the TIMAO win their first of many Libertadores

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  1. This sounds much more optimistic than your last post. Who, specifically is going to lead the team or make a new contribution?